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The best way to deal with medication side effects depends with the specific side effect, explains WebMD. If the patient experiences hives, loss of consciousness, trouble breathing, or swollen lips, tongue and throat, he should call the doctor as these are symptoms of an allergic reaction.


MED-PASS medical forms are available for purchase online at Med-Pass.com, according to the website. As of 2015, telephone assistance is available by calling 800-438-8884 or 937-438-8884 between 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.


Medication side effects may be found in a variety of ways including using a reliable website such as Drugs.com or WebMD. Both websites offer an interactive tool that allows users to enter the name of a drug and find information about the drug, including possible, common and serious side effects.


Side effects from medications can be either directly or indirectly fatal. Dizziness is a common medication side effect that may be fatal for people older than 65, explains Scientific American. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is an exceptionally rare and often fatal medication side effect that involves skin


The online resources Drugs and WebMD have lists of the different types of depression medications along with there side effects. The major depression medications listed on these sites are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants and serotonin-no


Medications with the side effect of difficult urination include Norpace, Hycodan, cephalosporins and Benadryl, according to RxList, WebMD and Drugs.com. Norpace treats heart arrhythmias and tachycardias, according to RxList.


Prescription medications such as raloxifene and tamoxifen may cause hot flashes, according to Healthline. Medications such as Lupron and Danocrine, which lower estrogen levels, also cause hot flashes, reports Drugs.com.


Long-term side effects of statins, the most popular cholesterol medications, include muscle pain and damage, liver damage, digestive problems, rashes or flushing skin, neurological problems, and increased blood sugar, states Mayo Clinic. Muscle pain is the most common side effect of statins.


Each thyroid medication comes with its own list of minor side effects. According to WebMD, a doctor should be contacted before you take any thyroid medication to see what side effects exist.


A boarding pass is a document that authorizes a passenger to board an aircraft after purchasing an airline ticket. Passengers can print boarding passes at home, receive them at airport check-in desks and self-service kiosks, and download them onto mobile devices.