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Nike primarily used the red and white color palette on its logo for much of its history. The red is meant to exemplify passion, energy and joy, while the white color represents nobility, charm and purity. Until 1994, the official Nike corporate logo for Nike featured the name "NIKE" in Futura Bold, all-caps font, cradled within the Swoosh.


The Nike logo is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most popular logos in history. It was conceptualized by a graphic design student named Carolyn Davidson in 1971 for just $35.


Briefly, the Nike logo was placed in a square in 1985, but by 1995, it stood alone again. 2. Color. The Nike logo is red and/or white. Red is for passion, energy, and joy. White is for nobility, charm, and purity. The Nike Swoosh was originally white and momentarily designed on a red square background in 1985.


The Nike logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971. Originally, the logo was called as ‘the srtip’, which later became well known as ‘Swoosh’. Swoosh referred to the fibers that the Nike shoes used that time. The Nike swoosh logo made its first public appearance on the shoes in the spring of 1972.


Nike "Swoosh" logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson while a graphic design student at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. For her services, the company paid her $35 ($206 in 2015 dollars). The Swoosh was first used by Nike on June 18, 1971, and was registered with the U.S. Patent Office on January 22, 1974.


Today I found out the creator of the Nike “swoosh” logo was originally only paid $35 for it.. The woman is Carolyn Davidson. At the time she created the now world famous logo, Davidson was a student at Portland State University where one of the co-founders of Nike, Phil Knight, was teaching as an assistant professor in accounting.


At first, Knight and his business partners were not impressed by the design but decided to move forward with the Swoosh. Now, the logo represents so much more than motion. For a multi-billion company that has established itself as an authority in the world of sports, that Swoosh refers to a lifestyle rather than a specific product.


The Nike Swoosh logo was created by Carolyn Davidson in 1971. Interestingly enough, Phill Knight, Nike’s co-founder, who had commissioned her for the project, initially did not like the logo (or so he said). Moreover, the very fact that he found the designer was a mere coincidence.


(via boredpanda). Coca-Cola was first served in 1886 and even then, the first official logo of Coca-Cola was not the script logo. It first appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution in 1886 as both a slab serif and chunky sans serif – it wasn’t until mid-1887 that Frank Robinson, Coca-Cola’s bookkeeper, drew the first traces of the Spencerian script logo that we all know.


In April 2011, Phil gave Oprah a custom pair of Nike's LunarGlide sneakers during his first appearance on The Oprah Show.The white-and-lime-green shoe features an image of Oprah's favorite tree inside the sole, and the laces have both "Knight" and "Winfrey" printed on them.