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The first recorded earthquake occurred in at Mount Tai, located in eastern China's Shandong province. According to the ancient Chinese chronicle, the "Bamboo Annals,” the earthquake took place during Emperor Fa's 7th year of reign as monarch of the Xia Dynasty.


The first earthquake to ever take place is unknown as it happened before the records of the events were kept. The first recorded earthquake was in 1769. The first recorded earthquake in 1769 was felt by a group of explorers camping near Los Angeles, Calif.


Although the written history of California is not long, records of earthquakes exist that affected the Spanish missions that were constructed beginning in the late 18th century. Those records ceased when the missions were secularized in 1834, and from that point until the California Gold Rush in the 1840s, records were sparse. Other sources for the occurrence of earthquakes usually came from ...


The world's largest earthquake with an instrumentally documented magnitude occurred on May 22, 1960 near Valdivia, in southern Chile. It was assigned a magnitude of 9.5 by the United States Geological Survey. It is referred to as the "Great Chilean Earthquake" and the "1960 Valdivia Earthquake." The ...


the first recorded earthquake in sri-lanka was in April 14th 1615 but i dont no if it was the first one ever recorded in history. (hope that helped)


the first recorded earthquake in sri-lanka was in April 14th 1615 but i dont no if it was the first one ever recorded in history. (hope that helped)


Earthquakes are one of nature’s most destructive forces able to cause incomprehensible amount of damage in a very short period of time. From the Nepal Earthquake which caused the lives of over 5,000 people to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, we’re going to share with you 25 of the worst earthquakes in the world, both in the number of deaths and magnitude.


California is home to five of the ten biggest earthquakes on record in the lower 48 U.S. states. That's because quakes of magnitude 6.0 and greater are not uncommon historically along California's ...


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Costliest earthquakes. This is a list of major earthquakes by the dollar value of property (public and private) losses directly attributable to the earthquake. Rank values are assigned based on inflation-adjusted comparison of property damage in US dollars. Wherever possible, indirect and socioeconomic losses are excluded.