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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Pappas on what to expect from a neurologist appointment first time: Neurologist deal with nerve and brain injuries.


Neurologists diagnose and treat a variety of brain and nervous system problems. WebMD lets you know what to expect at your consultation.


My balance is a bit off. GP has referred me to a neurologist in Little Rock, AR. 1. WHAT should I expect from this initial appointment? 2. WHAT are the possible problems I might face besides tumor or perhaps an inner ear problem? 3. WHAT do I need to be prepared to take with me to the neurologist in addition to the symptoms I listed above?


One way to feel more in control is to become informed about your disease and to take an active role in your healthcare, which includes preparing for your neurologist visit. Preparing for Your Neurologist Appointment. Choosing a specialist to supervise your overall healthcare is essential. An open relationship with your physician can be a ...


During your first appointment with a neurologist, they will likely perform a physical exam and a neurological exam. A neurological exam will test muscle strength, reflexes, and coordination.


Basic neurology exams are straight-forward. You will first talk about your problem. This may be very quick, so have your thoughts organized. Refer to your written notes. Some Drs ask questions during the physical exam. In the basic exam, the Dr will test your reflexes with a small rubber "hammer". You only need to relax for these tests.


Make an Appointment Physician / Faculty Directory. Leaders in neurological care. Washington University neurologists are leaders in their field. Our physicians offer outstanding neurological clinical care for patients of all ages for a wide range of neurological conditions, disorders and diseases.


My first point of call was my dentist, as my pain seemed to be coming from my mouth, and within an hour of me seeing him, he said he was very sure I had neuralgia and to make a GP appointment ASAP. When I told my GP what my dentist had said, she sent a referral through for a neurology appointment. Sometimes your dentist really does know best.


First appointment with neurologist . I was diagnosed nearly two months ago after a day in A & E which resulted in a MRI scan. Have finally got a neurologist appointment on Wednesday and I am writing down all the questions that are goind around my head. Really not sure what to expect from the appointment so if anyone can give me any advise it ...


14. What's going to happen during the initial appointment and how long is the appointment going to take? The consultation visit with the neurologist (if no additional testing is involved) should last 30-60 minutes, on average. This depends on your chief medical complaint, as well as the complexity of your medical history and other factors.