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Fire tornadoes form when combustible gases ignite in windy conditions. According to the Mother Nature Network, most fire tornadoes spawn from wildfires. The center of a fire tornado is a column of flaming gas up to 9 feet in diameter. A whirling column of fresh air circulates around the fiery core,


Tornadoes are also called twisters, and the wind speed of extreme tornadoes can reach up to 300 miles per hour. The United States averages 1,200 tornadoes each year, which is more than any other country. Tornadoes that take place above water are called waterspouts. Most tornadoes occur in a region c


According to The Weather Channel, a tornado is "a violently rotating column of air that stretches from a cloud to the Earth's surface." The source also states that tornadoes are "the most destructive of all storm-scale atmospheric phenomena." Often forming from a thunderstorm, tornadoes also result


One of the worst tornado disasters in the United States occurred in 1925 across three states, killing 695 individuals in Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. Although damage from a tornado is usually less than 1600 feet wide and contact with the ground lasts only a few minutes, this tornado stayed on the


Tornadoes have almost certainly existed on Earth for as long as the planet has had an atmosphere. A tornado is a spinning whirlwind of air that can achieve internal speeds between 40 mph and 300 mph.


Some fire truck games for kids include “Fire Truck” and “Fire Trucks Driver.” Both of these games are played online for free in Internet browsers that support Flash games.


Fire is created through quantum reactions with the air. The air excites the molecules and they emit photons, which are what we see when we look at flames.


A leopard's tail is as long as its entire body. This helps the leopard maintain balance and make turns more quickly. The leopard is a fast, solitary mammal that reaches speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Birds and dinosaurs are the alligator's closest relatives. These reptiles have been around since di


The most tornado-prone area in the United States is called "Tornado Alley," which is generally understood to include Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. Tornado Alley stretches up through the Midwest to Ontario. Southern Illinois, Missouri, western Kentucky, western Tennessee, the lower Ohio valle


Some facts about forest fires are that most animals are able to escape forest fires and also that naturally occurring fires benefit wildlife by removing dead underbrush and aggressive plant species and by generating new growth. The Melanophils beetle actually relies on scorched trees for mating and