A "Kelly day" is the occasional day off firefighters get to control budget-destroying overtime. The origin of the name is debated, but an often-repeated tale is of a Chicago mayor named Kelly who gave the firemen one day... More »

The most common reason the fire department should be called is when fire is present at a home, business, field or automobile. People can dial 911 and request the fire department. More »

After dialing 911 the call connects to a dispatcher who contacts appropriate emergency services such as the fire department, police or emergency medical services. The dispatcher strives to send the appropriate services t... More »

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An ISO Class 1 fire department is one that provides excellent fire protection based upon an evaluation by the Insurance Services Office, a New Jersey-based for-profit company that provides these ratings. ISO sells the in... More »

On top of putting out fires in their area, firefighters also respond to other emergency calls for medical assistance and vehicle accidents. Firefighters also have many other duties including maintaining equipment, holdin... More »

A firefighter challenge coin is a special coin that expresses pride and fraternity among firefighters. The challenge coin tradition originated with soldiers in active combat where the coins served as identifying tokens s... More »

The National Fire Code was adopted by the National Fire Protection Association in order to implement life and fire safety for first responders and the general public. It also address how to protect property with a compre... More »

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