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Fire Brands Equipment. Please browse our fire branding irons, aka stainless steel branding irons, and fire branding equipment. Stainless steel branding irons should be heated to a copperish/gray color instead of bright red. PROPER BRANDING COLORATION. DON'T BOTCH WITH A BLOTCH: 10 TIPS FOR A CLEAR READABLE BRAND ...


Howdy, partners! We offer U.S. made quality branding irons for the livestock industry worldwide. Our selection includes Electric, Fire-Heated or Freeze Branding Irons. Whether you are looking for stock branding irons or a custom branding iron with your own ranch brand, we’re here to help. Our Stock selection offered: E


Equipped with a long handle and designed with vented intersections to prevent blotching, our Fire Heated Cattle Branders are made thick, strong and durable. Simply heat up the Branding Head and you’re ready to go. BIU’s Staff works with you to get the design you want so you can be assured you are getting a brander that


Cattle Branding Iron. The act of branding cattle with fire-heated irons has been in practice from the time cattle were used as a commodity. By exploring history, we come to learn that the branding of animals like cows, sheep and horses has been going on since the time of the ancient Egyptians.


All Electric Branding Irons Ship Within 24 Hours! ... We now sale fire boxes for your Fire Brands. You can pick one up for $300.00 plus shipping and taxes. ... We Gladly Accept. In the past year there were over 30 million dollars in stolen cattle reported with no brands. So


We specialize in electric branding irons but can also do fire branders and freeze branders. We are the only branding iron company that will ship electric branding irons within 24 hours. We are your trusted source for your branding needs. Let us know how we can help you today!


The branding iron consisted of an iron rod with a simple symbol or mark which was heated in a fire. After the branding iron turned red-hot, the cowhand pressed the branding iron against the hide of the cow. The unique brand meant that cattle owned by multiple owners could then graze freely together on the commons or open range.


Branding Irons & Livestock Branding Equipment At Long View Ranch Branding Irons, we design and build top quality livestock brands and branding irons; Electric Brands, Freeze Brands and Fire Brands for ranchers, farmers, and anyone who wants an authentic brand. We know how important it is to have quality equipment.


L & H Fire Heated Branding Irons are made of rust resistant non-corrosive, heat resistant copper alloy and have a 1/4" flat face. They produce a good clear brand because the unit is vented at intersecting points to prevent blotching.


BRAND-FIRST Fire heated branding irons are made of 3/16" stainless steel that is 1" high. Designed to withstand the extreme temperature changes between the propane heater and the liquid nitrogen used in freeze branding.