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6. Can non‐traditional telephone service be used with a digital alarm communicator system? Yes, if the service is provided through a managed facilities‐based voice network (MFVN). NFPA 72 addresses several means of transmitting alarm and other signals from a fire


Ask your fire alarm company about your fire alarm system and it’s compatibility with the new technology. The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) or fire marshal should be made aware of the change of status if you decide to go with the new cellular. This should be done by whoever services your fire alarm.


Newer panels can also mean fewer expensive false alarms. The panels must also meet the current UL requirements, which meet the latest industry standards. There are a lot of considerations on how to handle the new communication changes taking place—from deciding on the right equipment to meeting local fire marshal or AHJ requirements.


IPGSM-4G Single or Dual Path Commercial Fire Communicator Fire Alarm Communicators General The IPGSM-4G is a commercial fire alarm communicator that offers contact ID reporting with any Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) that has a built-in dialer. This single or dual path communicator connects directly to the primary and secondary


Dialer. Keltron’s Fire Dialer is a unique solution that interfaces with fire alarm control panels (FACPs) and enables an appropriate and instantaneous response from personnel at a life safety event-monitoring center.


(Continued) For example, the installation of a fire alarm control unit and fire detectors to service a specific area, such as a computer room or flammable liquid storage room, does not trigger a requirement for audible or visible notification appliances, manual fire alarm boxes, or other fire alarm system features in other parts of the building. 14


The Fire-Watch™ series of IP Communicators from Fire-Lite Alarms are designed to transmit fire alarm system information to central monitoring stations over any standard IP network. They connect to a Fire Alarm control panel’s standard telephone ports with no changes required to panel’s existing configuration.


Recent changes to commercial fire alarm system codes have driven changes to fire panels, impacting how the panels communicate with the central station. Although some authorities have not yet adopted the latest codes, it’s a good idea for security integrators to be familiar with the latest requirements. New Communications Options For decades, fire systems relied on two phone lines for ...


In addition, the Fire Slave input option of the XR500 is also ANSI/UL 864, 9th edition-listed. This enables the DMP 463G to meet commercial fire requirements operating as the slave communications link to the central station when an XR500 is used as the slave communicator for a separate fire alarm control panel (FACP).


During the 2015 Seminar Series titled Trending Now!#FireProtection: Technologies Impacting the Future, Lee Kaiser spoke about Dialer and Communicator Technology changes.In the video excerpt below, you can watch as he explains NFPA requirements needed as more buildings switch from the PSTN network and over to voice-over IP phone services.