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History of Fingerprinting Timeline Timeline Description: Fingerprints today are used widely by employers as well as police stations across the world. Because no two fingerprints are the same, they quickly became an accurate tool in helping identify people.


He creates Fingerprint America in Albany, NY. The company provides an at-home fingerprinting and identification kit for parents, maintaining the family’s privacy while protecting and educating children about the dangers of abduction. By 2001, the company distributes over 5 million Child ID Fingerprinting Kits around the world.


The book included the first published classification system for fingerprints. In 1893, Galton published the book "Decipherment of Blurred Finger Prints," and 1895 the book "Fingerprint Directories." Galton identified the characteristics by which fingerprints can be identified.


A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. ... Sign up; History Of The Fingerprint Timeline created by elivis12. In History. Sep 18, 1350. First Fingerprint In the 14th centry the Persians where the first to use fingerprints on official doucments. Sep 18, 1686. ... The History of Fingerprints


A number of different events and discoveries make up the steps and processes that make up DNA fingerprinting that we know today. Below is a timeline that outlines important events/discoveries that relate to the technology of DNA fingerprinting.


Timeline of Biometrics History 1858 – First systematic capture of hand images for identification purposes is recorded Sir William Herschel, working for the Civil Service of India, recorded a handprint on the back of a contract for each worker to distinguish employees from others who might claim to be employees when payday arrived.


AD 1400s - Persia. The 14th century Persian book "Jaamehol-Tawarikh" (Universal History), attributed to Khajeh Rashiduddin Fazlollah Hamadani (1247-1318), includes comments about the practice of identifying persons from their fingerprints.. 1600s . In a "Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London" paper in 1684, Dr. Nehemiah Grew was the first European to publish...


fingerprints 1908 – The first official fingerprint card was developed 1911 - Fingerprints are first accepted by U.S. courts as a reliable means of Identification. - Dec. 21, 1911, The Illinois State Supreme Court upheld the admissibility of fingerprint evidence concluding that fingerprints are a reliable form of identification.


1977. Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys Joined the University of Leicester; 1979. Professor Jeffreys is joint first to describe how to detect human genetic variation at the DNA level, and first to produce a pretty good estimate of how many sites in the genome, where genetic variation occurred


History of Fingerprinting - The history of fingerprinting stretches back to Babylon. Learn the history of fingerprinting and find out how it became a basic investigation technique.