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Name: 1. Fingerprint Principles According to criminal investigators, fingerprints follow 3 fundamental-principles: 1. A fingerprint is an characteristic; no two people have been found with the same fingerprint pattern. 2. A fingerprint pattern will remain for the of an individual. 3.


teAcHer NoteS: fingerprints have been used for identification throughout history, but it was Sir William Herschel in Jungipoor, India, who first recognized their true potential. He was the first to espouse the theory that all fingerprints are unique to an individual and are permanent throughout a person’s lifetime.


Fingerprint Analysis (PPT) - I use this activity with my students to analyze the distribution of fingerprint patterns in each class. After students complete the My Prints worksheet and classify their prints, they complete the top section of the Fingerprint Analysis worksheet. We calculate the percentages for each pattern and discuss how it ...


Numbers and Patterns Worksheet Answers (doc) Numbers and Patterns Worksheet Answers (pdf) Fingerprint Field Guide (doc) Fingerprint Field Guide (pdf) ... Encourage students to list how patterns and fingerprints appear and how they are used to help us understand the world around us. Assessment Pre-Activity Assessment.


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Fingerprint Factoid Approximately 60% of people have loops, 35% have whorls, and 5% have arches. Fingerprint Principles According to criminal investigators, fingerprints follow 3 fundamental principles: A fingerprint is an individual characteristic; no two people have been found with the exact same fingerprint pattern.


(A sample Fingerprint Card is included on the next page of this workbook) c b. Using clear adhesive tape, a pencil, and plain paper, record your own fingerprints or those of another person. 5. Show your merit badge counselor you can identify the three basic types of fingerprint patterns and their subcategories. Using


A Simplified Guide To Fingerprint Analysis . Introduction ... Each#time#we#do,#it#is#likely#that#we#leave#behind#our#unique#signature—in# our#fingerprints.## ... Fingerprints#are#unique#patterns,#made#byfriction#ridges#(raised)#and furrows#(recessed),#which#appear#on#the#pads#ofthe#fingers#and#thumbs.# ...


In the Arch pattern, the ridges enter from one side, rise and generally exit the _____ side. In the whorl pattern, the ridges tend to make a _____. Ridge Events (Level 2 Detail) Ridge events are used to _____ a fingerprint. A _____ is a point ay which one friction ridge terminates within the friction ridge structure. ... Fingerprint Worksheet ...