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As a square root example if I know the 10,000 ohm resistor has a rating of 0.25 watts I can calculate the maximum worst case voltage that could appear across it, before damage could occur. This is found by taking the resistance value - multiplying the wattage rating - and finding the square root. Square root of 2500 is 50.


How to Calculate a Square Root by Hand. In the days before calculators, students and professors alike had to calculate square roots by hand. Several different methods have evolved for tackling this daunting process, some giving a rough...


How to manually find a square root Here is an almost-forgotten art: one that, with the advent of electronic calculators, will likely survive to the twenty-first century only on paper and in the memories of oldsters.


Take the number you wish to find the square root of, and group the digits in pairs starting from the right end. For example, if you want to calculate the square root of 8254129, write it as 8 25 41 29. Then, put a bar over it as when doing long division.


Definition: This describes a "long hand" or manual method of calculating or extracting square roots. Calculation of a square root by hand is a little like long-hand division. Suppose you need to find the square root of 66564. Set up a "division" with the number under the radical.


Finding Square Roots without a Calculator, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives. Square Roots Without a Calculator - Dr. Math FAQ How do you find the square root of a number by hand? What about cube roots? Square roots by hand: Divide and Average How do you calculate square roots by hand? Longhand Square Roots


Differential and Square root: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LBA5toYZ_0&list=PLJ-ma5dJyAqqAJAQxIuYyhzgwQyonHKmq Square root for Decimal Numbers: https://ww...


Use division to find the square root. To find the square root of a whole number, you could also divide the whole number by numbers until you get an answer that is the same as the number you used to divide the whole number. For example: 16 divided by 4 is 4. And 4 divided by 2 is 2, and so on.


You’ve probably never done this before. In fact for a long time it never even crossed my mind that I hadn’t a clue how to either. The calculator knows the answer. I don’t know how, but it does.