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In order to find the length of a curved line, or arc length, it is necessary to know the function of the line. Once this is determined, differentiate the function, plug the equation into the arc length formula, and then integrate the formula.


To measure your stride, walk through a puddle of water, and then walk normally for about 10 steps on dry pavement. Using a measuring tape, measure the distance between two left heel prints or two right heel prints. Measure several prints, and take the average distance as the stride length.


V-belts are used as mechanical links between two or more rotating pulleys. The length of the V-belt is dependent on the size of the pulleys and the distance between them, and can be calculated with a simple formula.


In geometry, length refers to the longest dimension of a two- or three-dimensional object. The other dimensions are height and width. Length may also refer to the duration of an event or passage of time. In some instances, length is used to compare the size of two or more objects.


Calculate running stride length by dividing the distance travelled by the number of steps required to travel. Run at a normal pace, and count the number of steps; stop when the desired number of steps is reached. Measure the distance travelled. Divide the distance travelled by the number of steps.


Some ways to find missing people include hiring a private investigator, searching through the Internet, reporting to the police and making missing person's posters. Calling a missing person's helpline can be an equally good way to find help in terms of support and information on how to trace the ind


The formula of length x width x depth is used to calculate volume of box-shaped areas. For example, the formula can be used to calculate the volume of storage boxes, topsoil, yards, gardens, and concrete and cement fills. The formula can also be used to find water volume.


Good rafter length calculators can be found at many sites, including Lowe's, Blocklayer.com and Wendricks Truss. The calculators found at these locations are free to use.


The monopole is one type of radio antenna known for its simplicity of construction and high efficiency in terms of the amount of radio signal effectively transmitted or received. Also known as a ground plane vertical antenna, the monopole is easy to design, and it is the antenna of choice for most r


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