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You can find people online for free using either a people search service such as PeopleSmart, a social network like Facebook or LinkedIn, or search an online White Pages directory. If no results are found, a subscription public records search service such as Intellius may be the best option.


Some free methods to find people online include Google searching, Facebook’s People Search feature and reverse image search sites such as TinEye. These sites allows users to search for individuals using various parameters, and all are completely free.


To find out if someone is looking for you online, use online tools such as Google Alerts or Mention.com. These online tools scan different web pages and alert you when someone types your name on the Internet.


Find someone to read to you online through sites such as Craigslist.org, ExperienceProject.com and Verbling.com, as of 2016. Another option is to reach out to friends and connections through social media to inquire about the ability or availability to read stories to you.


It may be difficult for a person to find out if a someone specific has been searching for her online, but there are a few websites that can provide a general overview of how many people have been searching for a particular name. Reputation and Brand Yourself are two such websites. Brand Yourself all


Free online books are available for download and viewing on various websites including The Online Book Page, FreeBestRead.com, BookRix and ChildrensBooksOnline.org. Although many sites advertise entirely free access to both view and download the books offered, some sites do require the purchase of a


Some sites to find free games online include Addicting Games, PopCap Games and Kongregate. These sites offer an enormous selection of online games, all completely free to play.


Sony's Crackle and Hulu's streaming service are two websites where ad-supported movies are hosted for free and are available even to users without profiles or registration. Hulu also features a broad variety of television programs and some original content produced specifically for the web.


Free streaming music can be listened to online through sites and services like Spotify, Pandora, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and Slacker Radio. The number of tracks available for free, advertisements, song library and customizability depend on the individual service.


With regards to privacy laws, it is not legal to look for people online at a fee or free, according to Nolo. Every individual is entitled to his own privacy and once those rights are infringed upon, the situation becomes a legal problem unless otherwise required by a court of law.