Property ownership is public record, and ownership documents are recorded in the county clerk and recorder's office and can be looked up by the property's address. Often the clerk and recorder's records are also availabl... More »

Look up property history by address by researching old deeds, mortgages, utility records, building permits, tax records and insurance records. By tracing owners through city directories, census reports, obituaries, newsp... More »

While the property owner is not always the resident of an address, you can search for the owner of a particular address through a website like PeopleSmart. Property owners are in the public record, however, identificatio... More »

Information that can be obtained from a county assessor's office regarding property include the property owner, property address, mailing address, assessed value and parcel number. In addition, the county recorder's book... More »

Look up the names of private property owners by address through the county clerk and recorder's office records. County tax assessor offices are another source of property ownership information. More »

The county assessor's, land surveyor's or recorder's office of most counties usually provides and maintains county land ownership maps. These maps may be available in digital format on the county's official website or ma... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Jasper County, Indiana, public records can be accessed at the Jasper County Clerk’s Office, or for court or property matters, some public records may be accessed online through the clerk’s office website, as of November ... More » Government & Politics Public Records