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Naturalization records are files containing information about a foreign-born person's process of gaining U.S. citizenship. The information contained in naturalization records may vary based on the federal laws under which a person becomes a citizen, as stated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Serv


In business and finance, keeping records is crucial for a variety of reasons, including monitoring the progress of a business, preparing tax returns, identifying various receipt sources and keeping track of deductible expenses. In addition, having an updated database is a key resource for planning n


A school record can refer to different education-related things, including an official record of a student's grades, conduct and disciplinary history or a more general reference to a student's academic performance and extracurricular participation while in school. In most places in the United States


One way to find free public records is online via several reputable and reliable websites. There are government agencies that provide access to public record information via the Internet. Examples of websites a person can use include PeopleSearch, DeathIndexes and ZabaSearch.


There are many public records which can be accessed for free including birth and death certificates, marriage licences and divorce decrees, property records, and criminal records. Professional and business licenses are also available to view for free by the public, according to the DMV.


A medical record is a legal document that provides a patient's past care and medical history, as explained by Purdue University. A medical record contains information such as the patient's address, telephone number, past and pretend health status and more.


You can find a partial list of world records at GuinnessWorldRecords.com or in a physical reference book called "The Guinness Book of World Records," published annually.


Record keeping in school is the maintenance of information about each student, which includes basic biographical data, contact information, educational progress and modifications, attendance, discipline, and medical concerns. These records not only document information about the student, they also c


A personal health record is a stored accumulation of information related to a person’s health. This record may contain important information about family medical history, health goals, allergies and past surgeries, states Mayo Clinic.


You can find land history records via the National Archives, the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, or a local museum or archive. Archives charge for copies of some documents, whereas other documents may be free but only available in formats that you cannot copy.