Use the distance formula and a calculator to find the distance between two points. The distance formula works because if two points are plotted on a graph, their direct line is the hypotenuse of a right triangle; thus, t... More »

Visit and use the search tool to find the driving distance between two points. Alternatively, and offer tools that calculate driving distances. More » Geography

In math, the term "distance between two points" refers to the length of a straight line drawn between the two points on an x-y axis. The distance can be determined by finding the change in the y axis and the the x axis a... More »

Given two points, the midpoint formula is given by the average of the two x values and the average of the two y values. Mathematically, this is represented as (x1+x2)/2 for the x value of the midpoint, and (y1+y2)/2 for ... More » Math Geometry

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Calculating the slope of a line involves using a simple algebraic equation after identifying two points on the line. The equation is as follows: slope = (y1 - y2) / (x1 - x2). More »

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