The name of a property owner can be found on any local county assessor’s website, as of 2015. The county assessor is responsible for the collection of property taxes. More »

Property ownership is public record, and ownership documents are recorded in the county clerk and recorder's office and can be looked up by the property's address. Often the clerk and recorder's records are also availabl... More »

In most cases in America, the owners of real estate can be readily identified by reviewing the title documents maintained by the county Clerk and Recorder's office for the county in which the property is located. Many of... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Information that can be obtained from a county assessor's office regarding property include the property owner, property address, mailing address, assessed value and parcel number. In addition, the county recorder's book... More »

Visit the county tax assessor website where the property resides, access the Geographic Information Systems map, and input the property's address into the designated search field. Property parcel number is also found on ... More »

To search for a property by assessor's parcel number, visit the website of a local county recorder's office. Enter the APN to see the name of the record owner and any relevant tax property information. More » provides detailed information about properties in Seminole County including property owner, parcel number, address, appraised values of buildings and land, and maps of the property. Other information available... More » Government & Politics Public Records