One way to find out who owns a property is to contact the county tax assessor and county recorder's offices. Some departments have websites that allow users to search by address, while others require a face-to-face visit... More »

The best way to find out who owns a property is to search public records available through the local tax district. In most places, a county clerk or tax assessor has these records, though sometimes you may need to contac... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Property ownership records are public records and can be searched either online or through local government offices. Searches for property ownership can be conducted online using the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and it... More »

Assessor parcel numbers can be found on many local county property tax assessor office websites. A local taxing authority assigns APNs, typically in the city or county where the property is located. More »

Visit the county tax assessor website where the property resides, access the Geographic Information Systems map, and input the property's address into the designated search field. Property parcel number is also found on ... More »

Information that can be obtained from a county assessor's office regarding property include the property owner, property address, mailing address, assessed value and parcel number. In addition, the county recorder's book... More »

You can view the tax records for any property in Dallas County, Texas, through the county's tax office website. To access the records, you must provide an address, owner name, tax account number or fiduciary number. The ... More » Government & Politics Public Records