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The number 17 best continues the following sequence: 2, 9, 5, 13, 10, 19. A sequence, in math terms, is a set of numbers organized in some sort of pattern. To find the next number in the sequence, the problem's solver must first figure out the pattern.


On an electric furnace, the heat sequencer lets the heating elements receive electricity in turn rather than all at once. When the furnace first comes on, if all the heating elements could draw electricity at the same time, the resulting spike in current would trip the circuit breakers.


There are several theories and scenarios about the end of time or end of the world, but all of these are mere probabilities. An example is the Big Crunch Theory, according to which the universe will end in a reversed Big Bang manner. Because the universe initially expanded from a single infinitely d


Main sequence stars are stars in the phase where they are fusing hydrogen atoms to form helium. Once a star runs out of hydrogen and starts fusing helium to form heavier elements, a star enters its dying phase.


DNA sequencing is a technique used to determine the exact sequence of nucleotides in a DNA sample. Electrophoresis, a method for separating DNA fragments, is used when the DNA differs in length by only one base. DNA samples are placed in a gel and exposed to an electric field.


Sequence is played by two or three players or by two or three teams. Each player is dealt the same number of cards, and in turn, exposes a card and marks it with a chip on the game board, striving to create a winning sequence of five chips.


Some sequencing activities for children include placing pictures from an event in the appropriate order, retelling stories focusing on event order, and making lists of the steps necessary to complete an activity, such as building a snowman or making a sandwich. Retelling daily activities before bed


To make a sequence board game, gather your materials, prepare the board, cut the cards, and glue the cards to the board. This takes about 90 minutes and requires a piece of cardboard, a regular full deck of playing cards, a ruler, a pencil, scissors and glue.


A transformation sequence is any series of images that show a character's transformation from one thing to another. Usually it refers to a trope in anime or manga where a character transforms into a superpowered alter ego. There are examples in live action film and television, but they are few and f


The sequence of events in a story is called the plot. There are several elements to the plot, including the introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.