A good first place to look for online yearbooks is a school's official website or alumni organization, as many schools are diligent about archiving and sharing past yearbooks. Other excellent options are free websites su... More »

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Anyone searching for a 1974 yearbook can try websites such as Classmates.com and ThisOldYearbook.com. Older yearbooks can be harder to locate because of space limitations and the fact that yearbook manufacturers don't ke... More »

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Old-Yearbooks.com has many old high school and college yearbooks and school pictures available online. Users can search the materials by state. This Old Yearbook has some yearbooks that users can view online; some of the... More »

www.reference.com Education

Classmates.com contains over 250,000 digitized yearbooks that are available to view online for free. To access your specific yearbook, you will have to register for a free account. More »

High schools typically keep their own collection of past yearbooks either in the school library or the local public library. These collections are available to anyone who wants to view them. More »

Individual schools may have yearbooks prior years that they are willing to sell. When searching online to purchase yearbooks, some options include eBay.com, ThisOldYearbook.com and GetYourBook.com. More »

Some old middle school yearbooks are available online at E-Yearbook.com and ThisOldYearbook.com. E-Yearbook.com has a more extensive collection and maintains a list of new and upcoming additions. Both sites assert that t... More »