Find a property's lot number by visiting the website for the county in which the property exists and locating the property search tool, which may appear under a section for an assessor or tax board. Use the tool to find ... More »

It is possible to look up block, lot numbers online on government websites for the state in which the block and lot are located. State government agencies that maintain records of block, lot numbers include Housing and D... More » Government & Politics Public Records

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Find the assessor parcel number for a piece of real estate by visiting the county tax assessor's website and checking for a number search tool, which may include a map or search box to locate the number by address. Some ... More »

Two methods of performing a free title search for a property include visiting the local courthouse or the local county assessor's website. It's also possible to conduct a search on Internet databases such as ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Once you know the address of the building, visit the website for the local tax assessor, and perform a property appraisal search for the address, suggests Madison County, Alabama, and the Collin County Appraisal District... More » Government & Politics Law