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Individuals who operate a ham radio must possess one of three licenses: a Technician Class license, a General Class license, or an Amateur Extra Class license. The Technician Class provides the operator the fewest privileges and the Amateur Extra Class the most. To become licensed, operators must pa


You can locate a ham radio operator by searching for the name or call sign in the Federal Communications Commission license register at ARRL.org. You can often locate foreign operators by searching on QRZ.com. You can find ham radio operators in your area by contacting a local radio club; these are


Ham radio is a radio broadcast by licensed, amateur radio operators, called hams. Ham radio operators must pass an Federal Communications Commission examination in order to be able to broadcast on radio frequencies that are reserved for amateur operators.


A ham radio call sign is a combination of letters and numbers that identifies licensed radio amateurs and their license locations. Call signs consist of a prefix that identifies the location and a suffix that is unique to the individual.


VE3BUC, 3W3MD, N2AB and A41OO/45 are some examples of ham radio call signs. Call signs consist of a prefix and a suffix. The prefix identifies the country while the suffix is unique for every individual.


To buy used ham radio equipment, look on websites such as AESHam.com, eBay.com and HamRadio.com. Used ham radio equipment is also available from AssociatedRadio.com. On all of these websites, search for only used inventory, as all sell new inventory, too.


The Ham Radio Outlet is located online at HamRadio.com or at physical locations across the United States. The Ham Radio Outlet lists 14 locations as of 2015, with stores in several states, including California, Texas, and Colorado.


The requirements for antennas designed to operate with a ham radio depend on what bands the operator wishes to access. Height, size and configuration are primary considerations for any antenna designed to work with a ham radio.


The Federal Communications Commission provides an online database that lists ham operator call signs. The government database categorizes operator call signs by state, service type and frequency range to enable users to search easily.


The Alinco DJ-V57T and BaoFeng UV5RA are good mobile ham radios for beginners, according to Top Ten Reviews. The Yaesu FT-270R is another portable, user-friendly option, according to Expedition Portal.