The best way to find your favorite styles from movies is through The Hunt. The Hunt is a website, that has since been turned into an app, and is a great cure for outfit envy. More »

The most famous movie adaptations of Ann Rule's books are "Small Sacrifices," "And Never Let Her Go" and "The Stranger Beside Me." "Hunt for the I-5 Killer," "Too Late to Say Goodbye" and "Every Breath You Take" are a fe... More » Art & Literature

Some notable Sean Connery movies are "The Untouchables," "The Hunt for Red October," "Marnie" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." Connery is also known for his roles as James Bond in the films "Dr. No," "From Russi... More » Art & Literature

Kasie Hunt is not related to Al Hunt. Al Hunt is married to American Journalist Judy Woodruff, and the couple have three children Jeffrey, Benjamin, and Lauren. Al Hunt was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, while Kasie ... More »

Kasie Hunt typically covers stories regarding Republican candidates for president, Republican leaders in Congress and high-profile news stories from Democratic leaders in Congress. Most stories from the first three month... More » Art & Literature

Traditional Belgian styles for men and women are modeled after the French clothing style, which was influenced by the French occupation during World War II. The smock and beret are popular apparel worn by men, and the cl... More »

American actress Demi Moore has worn her signature black hair in a variety of different styles, including a full buzz cut for her role in "G.I. Jane" and a long, straight style for a red carpet appearance in 2006. Moore ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles