To find a dentist in your area, visit, enter your ZIP code, and click Find a Dentist. You also can search by state and city. ZocDoc is another option. More » Health Dental

To find a dentist in your area that accepts Medicaid, go to the InsureKidsNow website, and use the Find a Dentist for Your Kid search box on the homepage to search for a dentist in your area using your zip code. Accordin... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance

There are many listings of dentists online, including, which is run by the American Dental Association. Other good listings include phone directories, such as, and business listing websit... More » Health Dental

Special Internet search engines can be used to find a list of dentists in your area by typing in your zip code, search radius, dentistry specialty if necessary and if you prefer a multilingual dentist. You can also use y... More »

A fair price for a molar root canal in the United States is approximately $900 as of 2015, though it is largely dependent upon the cost of living in the area and the dentist's credentials. More » Health Dental

When a dentist performs a root canal on a tooth, he sterilizes the infected tooth and removes approximately an inch of infected nerve from the area, but he cannot remove the tubules in the tooth that retain dead nerve ti... More »

According to WebMD, a dentist or dental surgeon usually numbs the area when extracting a single wisdom tooth, but she may opt to use a general anesthetic if several teeth are removed at once. This results in the patient ... More »