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Personal finance refers to any and all decisions that relate to the budget of an individual or family. This can include monthly income and their monthly expenses. Loans, credit cards, investment accounts and retirement plans are also a part of personal finance.


Organizations that offer online courses in finance range from four-year universities and business schools to free online learning platforms. Udacity is a free online university that offers classes from top professors in finance, including Introduction to Statistics, tau...


Direct financing involves working directly with a lender to make a purchase and obtain a loan. Buyers submit financial documents to a bank or finance company and negotiate the loan requirements and methods of payment with the lender directly versus working through a thi...


International finance, also known as international macroeconomics, refers to a branch of financial economics that deals with monetary systems and economics that surpass national borders. This field focuses on global capital markets through monitoring and examining trade...


OneMain Financial is a personal loan company that offers both secured and unsecured loans in amounts from $300 to $15,000 as of 2015. Maximum loan limits vary by state.


A finance assistant supports corporate financial associates by performing duties such as preparing reports, proposals and presentations, according to Salary.com. Finance assistants perform administrative and clerical services along with accounts payable and receivable d...


Owner financing is when the seller of a home acts as the bank when selling. Instead of using the mortgage company, the two parties involved make an agreement on how the house is paid for.