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Water filters are used to remove chemical, physical and biological contaminants from water. By removing these contaminants, water filters improve the smell, taste and safety of water used for drinking, cooking and bathing. They are also used to aid in meeting public health standards for swimming poo


Filtered water is water that has been treated with a chemical or mechanical process to remove particles and pollutants. The exact components that are removed from the water vary with the filtration process.


Water filters work by disinfection methods, filtration, reverse osmosis, distillation and ion exchange to remove harmful impurities. Each process has its advantages and kills specific types of contaminates. Disinfection methods include using choline, boiling and pasteurization to kill bacteria that


A color filter works by absorbing certain wavelengths of color and transmitting the other wavelengths. For example, a yellow color filter absorbs all colors except yellow, letting only yellow through, so the objects viewed appear to be yellow. If a blue light from a blue filter his a red object, the


Culligan Water filter services are available in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Accupure has water filtration services available across the United States.


As the pump turns and circulates the lubricant around the engine, the oil flows in and out of the filter. The filter then uses a special material made from microscopic cellulose fibers that help keep the oil free from any contaminants as it recirculates through the engine.


To change an oil filter, drain the old oil, and remove the filter with a specialized wrench. Apply fresh oil to the rubber seal on the new filter, and install it by hand. You need a large bucket, a socket wrench set and an oil filter wrench.


A coffee filter removes residue from the coffee during the brewing process. As of 2015, various types of coffee filters are available, and they each perform differently.


An oil filter housing is the location where the oil filter sits in a vehicle engine. Frequently, when an oil leak develops, the cause is a problem with the gasket in the housing.


One symptom of a blocked air filter is that the furnace stops operating. Furnaces have an over-limit cutoff switch that stops operation if the temperature in the heat exchanger becomes too high. As a result, according to the Family Handyman, the home may remain below the thermostat setting.