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Certain states allow residents to file their state tax returns online for free. There are also organizations that prepare and file state returns for residents at no cost.


Taxpayers can file taxes online by using the forms available on the IRS website, by using commercial tax software or through an authorized e-file provider, says the IRS. Taxpayers using the forms from the IRS can e-file for free.


Depending on your state, you may file your state taxes with a state income tax form or you can file electronically with online tax software, as the Federation of Tax Administrators website demonstrates. Your state's department of finance or department of revenue may offer these forms on its website.


There are several online services that allow taxpayers to file their federal income taxes for free; the Internal Revenue Service offers a tax preparation service that is free for almost everyone. This service is called Free File.


The income tax filing requirement for a U.S. citizen or resident depends on the taxpayer's gross income, filing status and age. For 2014, a single nondependent taxpayer under 65 must file if his gross income exceeds $10,150. Married taxpayers under 65 file with income over $20,300, according to the


The Social Security Administration reports that January 31st is the deadline for employers to distribute Internal Revenue Service Form W-2 to employees. For many, this may be the only document needed, and those individuals can file their taxes as soon as it is in their possession.


The earliest tax-filing date changes each year based on when the Internal Revenue Service is ready to accept returns, but the date is typically in late January. The delay allows the IRS to accommodate end-of-year tax changes, according to Forbes. The 2015 tax filing season opened on Jan. 20.


Back taxes should be filed in the same way and place as on-time returns, states the Internal Revenue Service. However, if the taxpayer has already received a past due notice, he should send the late returns to the location specified in the notice.


Taxpayers can file their federal income taxes online using the Free File tax preparation service provided by the Internal Revenue Service. This service offers a variety of free commercial tax preparation software suitable for different types of taxpayers.


Residents of New York State are required to file a state return only if certain conditions are met, according to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Even if a resident is not required to file, he must file to receive any refund that is owed.