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One way of searching for boat titles for free is via the vessel documentation search tool on the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration website (NOAA). Using the search tool involves entering the name of boat on the search field to bring up titling information on Coast Guard documented boats wi


Registration laws for boats vary according to each state; Florida for example, requires a title for any boat longer than 16 feet in length, while Indiana does not require one for watercraft that cost less than $3,000. Not every state's DMV handles the registration process; it may be done by its tax


Filing for a replacement car title in Texas is a simple process that involves submitting a title application with a valid form of identification and fee payment. This can be completed either in person or through the mail.


Individuals can search for a boat's title holder in the state of Florida by completing and submitting Form HSMV 90510 Driver License, Motor Vehicle Vessel Records Request, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The fee varies based on the type of request. Upon subm


To replace a boat registration, fill out your state's application for a duplicate registration. Turn in the registration, along with a lost registration replacement fee, at a Department of Motor Vehicles office. In some states, you can file the application over the phone, through the mail or online.


Boats and other waterborne vessels operate on the principle of buoyancy, or the property of fluid that causes it to exert force at all points on an object. When objects are placed in water, they sink until they displace the equivalent of their weight in water. Boats have a hollow interior and are la


A two-person boat is used for fishing or rafting and seats up to two individuals. Two-person boats are available in inflatable models that are composed of heavy-duty PVC material.


To replace a lost vehicle title, complete an application for a certified copy of the title, and mail it or take it in person to the vehicle licensing office in your state. State-specific forms for replacing a lost title are available from the local Department of Motor Vehicles office, the DMV websit


As of 2015, the official record for world's fastest boat belongs to the Spirit of Australia, which travelled 317.58 miles per hour on Oct. 8, 1978. It is estimated that the same boat reached an unofficial speed of 344.86 miles per hour on Nov. 20, 1977, reports Guinness World records.


Boats have a number of relevant specifications, but the length of a boat varies based on how it's measured. The overall length measurement includes the pulpit, which is the railing at the front of a boat. The length on deck doesn't include the pulpit.