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To measure the acreage of an irregularly shaped lot, first measure the perimeter of the entire space in question. Next, divide the property on paper into as many triangles as fit the dimensions, calculate their areas and add them together. The proper tool for such calculations is Heron's formula.


You can calculate acreage by measuring a plot of land's length and width, multiplying those two figures together to find square footage, then dividing that number by 43,560. For irregular parcels, try splitting measurements into smaller rectangles or other geometric shapes, or use specialized softwa


To use an acreage calculator, just input the area length and area width of the land that you want to calculate. Then, click on the calculate button and based on the inserted values, you receive answers in the form of acreage, square feet, square yards or square inches. To do another calculation, cle


LandWatch and Lands of Texas each offer tools on their websites that allow users to find acreage for sale in Texas. Each site offers multiple search options to find acreage suitable for home building, farming and hunting.


Find farms for sale by acreage by using the search filtering options on land and farm classifieds sites, such as LandsOfAmerica.com, LandAndFarm.com and LandWatch.com, to specify your desired number of acres. Auction sites such as eBay.com also feature acreage filtering options as well as other sear


To determine acreage, it is necessary to have the square measurements of an area of land. One acre of land equals 43,560 square feet. If "F" equals the number of square feet and "A" the acreage, then the formula to determine acreage is A=F/43,560.


Spend some time renting a home in the area where you plan to buy acreage before you start seriously looking for land, suggests About.com. This helps you get familiar with the community and may help you find local land for sale.


Find acreage and land for sale by owners by looking on land sale sites such as LoopNet.com and LandWatch.com. Other sites you can use to find land and other property for sale by owner include Zillow.com, ForSaleByOwner.com and Craigslist.org.


To determine the acreage from a perimeter, the perimeter measurements must offer sufficient information to deduce the area of the enclosed shape. The formula and necessary information differs depending on the shape. Acreage can be determined from any unit of length or area, although different conver


Find properties for rent with acreage on sites such as Trulia.com, HomesAndLand.com, LoopNet.com, Craigslist.org and Zillow.com. Use the filtering and keyword search options on these sites to look for listings that mention included acres of land or similar open areas around the property.