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Fiberglass boat flooring replacement is a common procedure that a lot of boat aficionados perform to restore their boats and keep them in good shape.After years of use, flooring can get damaged, particularly if left exposed to all weather conditions for a long time. Therefore, it will need replacing.


Cheap fix for a rotten boat floor (Part 1 of 2) Installing new plywood ... Then fiberglass the floor. That is a MAJOR job and only worth doing on a boat that has sentimental or major financial ...


Re: Fiberglass Boat Floor Replacement I noticed the cosst is an issue but Keep in mind the flotation is critical to the strength of the hull. You can sometimes dry out the stringers by brilling 1/2" holes in a few inches every foot or so and giving time to dry. Then repair the holer by filling with some resin.(polyester will work).


In fact a modern wood/ epoxy composite boat requires no more maintenance than a fiberglass boat. BOTE- COTE even has a non-yellowing UV retarding formulation used to enhance clear exterior ...


The need for a new boat floor becomes inevitable when the floor has a soft, spongy feel that is a sure sign of dry rot. However, the need for replacing a boat floor does not mean the end of your boating days. You can replace your floor in a short amount of time and with minimal labor.


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Hello to all, I have a 18' bowrider, and in 2 or 3 spots the floor feels spongy, like it might be rotting out. I talked to some people and they suggested drilling small holes in the soft area and injecting it with a fiberglass resin.


Rot Repair in Fiberglass Boats. The Transom: ... Floor Replacement One of the most common areas of damage on fiberglass and pontoon boats is deteriorated or rotted-out cockpit/deck flooring. The reasons are obvious: water saturation through leaking glass laminate and plywood. Sometimes this can be repaired by treating the existing wood or by ...


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Note: my floor was so narrow in that boat that it had no stringers under the floor just the keel for support—I installed 1/2” Coosa and I found it flexed under foot more than I liked so I would recommend 3/4” for flooring (or be prepared to build a few supporting stringers, which was my solution—floor works fine.)