Fever temperature charts for adults can be found online at Mayo Clinic. Its website also recommends when to seek medical attention for a fever for specific age groups. More »

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A fever temperature chart for children is provided on the Advil website. Additional fever temperature information for children is available on the websites for Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic. More »

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ClevelandClinic.org provides information about when a fever is dangerous in children. MedGuidance.com provides a chart for normal temperatures in children and adults. GlendalePediatrics.net provides a dosing chart for ch... More »

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In adults, a fever becomes dangerous at 39.4 degrees Celsius, according to Mayo Clinic. For children, it is 40 degrees Celsius, according to Cleveland Clinic. More »

Signs of viral encephalitis in adults can include seizures, confusion, fever, cough and sore throat, says University of Maryland Medical Center. Other effects depend on which area of the brain is infected, and can includ... More »

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The most common symptoms of a respiratory virus include a low-grade fever, sore throat, mild headache, dry cough, and a runny or congested nose, as Mayo Clinic reports. Respiratory virus symptoms are typically similar to... More »

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Some causes of children having flushed cheeks are fifth disease, scarlet fever and atopic dermatitis, according to WebMD, Mayo Clinic and MedlinePlus, respectively. Fifth disease is a common disease among school children... More »