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Some popular names for female puppies are Stella, Coco, Sophie, Molly and Lexi. Foods are often a source of good names like Biscuit, Brownie and Cookie. Often, female puppies are named for their unique features such as Boots, Hazel or Fuzzy. Colors are also great names ...


Female dogs often have the same names that are used for people, like Amy and Emily. Other monikers, like Lady and Lucky, are generally used only for pets. Some owners name their dogs for their appearance. Fluffy and Ruffles are examples.


The common female dog name Bella means beautiful, whereas Lucy is a word with Latin origins that means light and learning. Many owners also name their dogs Bailey, which means Bailiff.


A female pig that has never had a litter of piglets is called a gilt, while a female pig that has had a litter is called a sow.


Stella, Bailey, Coco, Bella, Sophie, Katie, Zoey, Molly, Pandora and Lexi are the most popular female puppy names according to petMD. Other common puppy names include Maggie, Sadie, Lucy and Abby.


Some cute names for female dogs might be Dixie, Ginger, Luna, Mocha and Princess. A good name should be short and easy for the dog to understand. To avoid confusion, it should not sound like a command, a commonly used word or the name of someone else in the household.


Sexually mature female whales are referred to as cows. Mature males are often called bulls, and the offspring of a cow and a bull is called a calf.