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Mouse spiders feed by lunging at prey passing the burrow entrance. The primary predators of the mouse spider include wasps, bandicoots, centipedes and scorpions. Mouse Spider Venom. Both male and female Mouse spiders have very large fangs and fang bases. Mouse spiders are aggressive spiders and will bite if provoked.


Mouse spiders exhibit sexual dimorphism, with female spiders being all black; and male spiders having species-specific colouration. The male eastern mouse spider (M. bradleyi) has a bluish patch, and the male red-headed mouse spider (M. occatoria) is brownish or blue-black in color, with bright red-tinged jaws.


Since the mouse spider is a ground spider, they have very thick and stocky (almost muscular) legs. Female mouse spiders, too, have thicker legs than male spiders. In addition, the male mouse spider may have long palps that appear as an extra pair of legs.


Mouse spiders, Missulena sp., vary from 10 mm - 35 mm body length and all have distinctively bulbous head and jaw regions. They are often confused with funnel-web spiders. While mouse spider bites are not common, a few have caused serious effects in humans, with symptoms similar to funnel-web spider envenomation.


Mouse spider males may sometimes be called a Redheaded Mouse Spider because of their bright red eyes and their huge fangs. Female mouse spiders will make small side tunnels in the earth with silk and earth, where she will deposit her eggs.. The nursery is used for the small spiders.


A red widow female spider will begin feeding on the male while they are still mating. However, the male practically force feeds himself to the female by placing himself into her mandibles. ... A tarantula can liquefy the body of a mouse in just 2 days, leaving behind a pile of just skin and bones. [2] Most spiders live for about a year. However ...


Female Red-headed Mouse Spiders are large, stout spiders with short legs. They tend to be uniformily dark brown to black all over, however their jaws are sometimes red-tinged. Female Red-headed Mouse Spiders are much larger than the males. Male Red-headed Mouse Spiders have a bright red head and jaws and a gunmetal blue to black abdomen.


The Mouse Spider lives all over Australia but not in Tasmania. It lives in arid conditions as well as rainforests and bushlands. The home of the Mouse Spider is a burrow, oval shaped, of moderate depth and straight down. Female spiders spends all their lives in the burrow. Male spiders wander in Spring to Autumn.


The Black House Spider (Badumna insignis) is a common species of Australian spider. Black House Spiders live in most areas of Australia and they prefer urban habitat. Black House Spiders are sometimes referred to as ‘Window Spiders‘. These spiders belong to the family Desidae along with the Grey House Spider (Badumna longinquus).


All spiders, from tarantulas to jumping spiders, share this common trait. The simple eyes, fangs, palps, and legs are all found on the anterior body region, called the cephalothorax. The spinnerets reside on the posterior region, called the abdomen. The unsegmented abdomen attaches to the cephalothorax by means of a narrow pedicel, giving the spider the appearance of having a waist.