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The only place where you'll learn about female infidelity, the female midlife crisis and... the female pre-midlife crisis that occurs at or around the age of thirty. ... "Women's Infidelity is a MUST read for EVERY heterosexual male and female.


It’s a stereotype that only women over 40, perhaps struggling with the empty nest syndrome, show midlife crisis behavior. I’m seeing the behavior (including infidelity) in women as young as 30, including those who still have younger children at home. Below are eight signs that your wife may be a candidate for a midlife crisis affair: 1. She ...


Midlife crisis and infidelity is an incredibly complicated subject and one that has been the topic of volumes of books and research journals. This post will touch on the highlights. The subject came up the other day from one of our readers about midlife crisis and infidelity.


A midlife crisis is an emotionally uncomfortable period that men and women go through between the age of 35 and 55. For most, it is a time to question priorities and adjust one's lifestyle to fit better with their emotional needs.


Women, it seemed, didn't need midlife crises because they already had a word for their situation at the same age: menopause, with its well-defined symptoms heralding cronehood. Females in midlife ...


Before I explain the 6 stages of a female midlife crisis, I want you to realize that your wife WILL go through them. If you are not what I call an Environment Changer, you will not be able to shorten this process.That means you must get through it and that will take 2 to 5 years.


The Difference Between an Exit Affair, and The Midlife Crisis Affair HeartsBlessing What follows is what I have come to know for myself, based on having done a lot of research over long years.


9 Signs Your Wife is Having a Midlife Crisis. Me: ... infidelity or divorce. The problem is without knowing exactly what to look for, a midlife crisis can be very difficult to spot. I’m no expert, but I have seen a LOT of men and women go through a midlife crisis in my years running Husband Help Haven. What you’re about to read are the top ...


Infidelity has traditionally been thought of as a male problem. Before the advent of easy birth control, cheating on a spouse or partner was riskier for women, and the consequences could be extreme. In many cultures, they still are. In the United States, however, contraception, women’s liberation ...


Babble. About Disney; ... The Mid-Life Marriage Crisis: Are More Women Cheating? Samantha Parent Walravens. ... Unsurprisingly, infidelity is a factor in many of these break-ups.