The easiest way to tell the difference between male and female guinea pigs is by measuring the distance between the guinea pig's anus and its genitals. According to Pet Informed, a male guinea pig's genital area measures... More »

Guinea pigs can live up to 7 years in captivity. They are social animals who prefer to live with other guinea pigs. Some of the most common breeds of guinea pigs include Abyssinian, smooth-coated and Peruvian varieties. ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Rodents

One can determine if a guinea pig wants to mate by observing its behavior alone and in the presence of the opposite sex. Female guinea pigs may act restless and anxious when mating season arrives. The male guinea pig typ... More »

Skinny guinea pigs come from a breed that is mostly hairless. Skinny guinea pigs usually have sparse hair on their faces, legs and feet, but most of their body lacks the fur that covers other members of their species. Th... More » Pets & Animals Pets

Guinea Pig Market is an online store that sells supplies for caring for and keeping guinea pigs as pets. It also sells guinea-pig-themed decorations, gifts, jewelry and books. The store ships items from Michigan worldwid... More » Pets & Animals Pets

On average, guinea pigs live five to seven years, but they can live as long as 14 years. Some breeds tend to live longer than others, and males tend to live longer than females. More »

Doctors Foster and Smith recommend using a product containing pyrethrins, which is the same ingredient found in some products used to treat fleas in cats, to treat fleas in guinea pigs. Pyrethrins are natural chemicals e... More »