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Greasers are a youth subculture that was popularized in the 1950s to 1960s by predominantly working class and lower class teenagers and young adults in the United States. ... Female greaser dress included leather jackets and risque clothing, such as tight and cropped capris and pedal pushers (broadly popular during the time period).


How to Dress Like the Greaser Girls From the Outsiders. ... The boys are part of the “greasers,” a class of kids from the poor side of town. There are a few ways to dress like a “greaser” girl from the novel, which was eventually made into a movie. ... Video Hub by LEAFtv.


According to Wikipedia, "Greasers are a working class youth sub-culture that originated in the 1950s in the USA." This guide teaches you how to look like a greaser, made popular in the 50's, or from the movie "Grease" and the book or movie "The Outsiders." The character Fonzie in the 1970s TV show Happy Days illustrates the greaser looks. The ...


If you have read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, you will understand this quiz. If you haven't, well, READ IT!! It's an amazing book...one of my favorites. Anyway...are you a hot, poor, and nice greaser or an ugly, rich, and cruel soc? Sorry about the soc part...I am a greaser (and proud of it!) and hate socs. Take this quiz! Favorite color? What would you rather wear? what are greasers to y...


a person who dresses in rockabilly fashion and styles his hair in a pompdour or other tall retro hairstyle with a petrolium based pomade, such as seen in the movies: grease, the outsiders, westside story, rebel without cause, etc


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‘Greasers’ was a term of the late ’60s and ’70s and not the ’50s. James Dean’s look in ‘Rebel’ utilised what we call in the UK a ‘Harrington’ jacket and not a ‘bikers’ jacket. He’s also as often seen in a sports coat, shirt and trousers in the film as he is in t-shirt, jacket and jeans.


A greaser is often associated with rebellion in the 1950s or 1960s. Young men or boys who were greasers usually enjoyed rock 'n' roll, leather jackets, and muscle cars. The term "greaser" is derived from the slicked back, waxed hairstyle that many wore during that time period.


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During the 1950's, women also became a part of greaser culture and were called "Greaser girls." Like men, they joined motorcycle gangs and wore jackets displaying their group's or gang's name. Latina women involved in gangs typically did not fight side-by-side with male gangs, but they did fight rival female gangs in the 1950's.