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The reproductive cycle in dogs is different from humans and other mammals. Therefore, it’s good to know certain things about the behavior of female dogs in heat, something which happens once or twice a year. Female Dogs in Heat. The way animals reproduce varies from species to species.


The earliest sign that a female dog may be in heat is a sudden change in personality, energy level or aggressive behavior. Many dogs will become more reserved or aggressive just before going into heat, but some will exhibit the opposite behavior, becoming more outgoing and friendly.


Dogs enter into these cycles roughly two times annually, with "in between" breaks of roughly 6 months. When female dogs are in heat, they essentially are open to mating. Their female hormone levels elevate, then drop drastically. Their ovaries then emit eggs for purposes of fertilization. Heat typically lasts 2 to 3 weeks or so.


During this time of heat, the female dog will attempt to draw the attention of male dogs in different manners. The hormonal changes interfere with the female dog’s behavior and you’ll notice that something is occurring with your pet long before you see any drops of blood on her bedding.


Most female dogs will have have their first periods irregularly, but the cycle tends to normalize in the first two years. Normally, female dogs are in heat twice a year, for a period of two to three weeks. How to recognize if your dog is in heat. Know the following signs and symptoms of a dog in heat. Your female dog might … urinate more often


A female dog in heat will be easily agitated and may pace restlessly during this time. This is not unusual, nor is the whimpering and panting. These are just some of the symptoms of her being in heat, and if she isn’t allowed to breed can be very frustrating to her and you.


Estrus, or heat, is the stage in a female dog's reproductive cycle during which she becomes receptive to mating with males. At this time, estrogen levels first increase and then sharply decrease, and mature eggs are released from the ovaries. Ideally, your dog should be spayed before she enters her first heat cycle.. When Does A Dog Experience Her First Estrus?


If you’ve ever had an unspayed female dog in your home before, chances are you bought mountains of doggy diapers. Unlike cats, dogs experience more discharge during their heat cycle, or estrus phase, but that is only one of the signs indicating your pooch is ready to mate.


Male dogs will become interested in her and may fight over her. Other female dogs may be aggressive toward her and she may be aggressive back. If you don’t want your dog mating with other dogs while she’s in heat, it’s important that you keep your dog away from male dogs during this time.


The behaviour of an unspayed female dog will sometimes change dramatically when she is in season, and as it is recommended that female dogs are not spayed until after they have had their first season, this is something that all owners of female dogs or puppies will have to deal with at least once!