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If you’ve ever had an unspayed female dog in your home before, chances are you bought mountains of doggy diapers. Unlike cats, dogs experience more discharge during their heat cycle, or estrus phase, but that is only one of the signs indicating your pooch is ready to mate.


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My dog is in heat and her vulva is severely swollen will it go back to normal? - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist ... my dog is in heat and her vulva is severely swollen will it ... Customer Question. ... My female dog is about eight months old and I take it she has started her period. She has been on it for about a week and a half and the ...


How to Tell if Your Dog Is in Heat. Heat, which is also known as the estrus period, is a reproductive stage that unspayed female dogs go through. During this stage her eggs mature, making her fertile and able to produce puppies. Your dog...


Dogs in Heat: 9 Things to Know Let's talk dogs in heat — What should you do if your dog is in heat? And what are the signs of a female dog in heat in the first place?


From about six months old to through the rest of her life, a female dog will experience estrus, or heat, roughly every six months. This is the period of time when she’s receptive to mating.


A bloody discharge from the vulva is a normal part of a female dog’s heat cycle. Dogs typically go into heat and bleed between one and three times a year. However, if your dog has been spayed or you know it is not time for your intact dog to go into heat, the bleeding could be a sign of a potentially serious health problem.


When a female dog is in heat, it can make their regular pet care needs more difficult.Their psychological state can be anxious, but they may also grow aggressive. When you have male dogs in the home or you are taking the dog out for a walk, your main concern may be one thing: keeping male dogs under control when they sense a female in heat.. This is mainly a practical issue.


A female dog will typically go through estrus every six months. So if spaying isn’t an option for you, get ready to deal with your dog going into heat two times a year. Some smaller breeds can go into heat as many as four times a year. Dogs will usually go into estrus for the first time between 9-12 months of age. 10