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While there is no argument that a cat's jumping ability is impressive, it can also be annoying (and dangerous, as Vetstreet notes cats don't always land on their feet) to have cats regularly leaping to spots in your home that are high above their heads.


A cat’s ability to leap into the air and get such enormous clearance is most certainly something I’ve found myself envying our feline friends for in the past! But how high exactly can cats jump? How High Can Cats Jump? Cats can jump as high as five or six times their own body length. Taking the statistics on the average house cat from ...


It seemed as if my cat lost his ability to jump about two weeks ago and it was as if the problem materialized overnight. Before that his stool was consistantly runny for months. Our vet has taken x-rays of his hind quaters and found no abnormalities, however the condition has become worse.


Best Answer: According to the web sites below, cats can jump 7 times the height of their tail. This equates to jumping up in the air approx 5 foot. As a comparison, a human would have to jump twenty-nine feet to match this standing high jump.


Our 14 year old cat has lost much of his ability to jump and it appears to be a weakness in his rear legs. He can get on our bed more by pulling himself up than jumping up. Our vet told us to give him cosequin, which we do every morning, but it hasn't seemed to help.


This leaping ability also enabled the big cats to travel through the trees, jumping from branch to branch without touching the ground. Of course, domestic house cats don’t have to hunt for their meals; we feed them a nutritious cat food like CANIDAE. Even so, they still enjoy leaping and hunting, just like their big-cat relatives.


The most common reasona cat may no longer jump as often or as high as he used tois pain, particularly in older cats.It’s the same reason you see kids flipping around on monkey bars while those of us with a few more miles on the odometer watch from the park bench — aging takes its toll on our joints.


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