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People feeding the fish think it is amazing to see so many fish so close but if they look at the big picture, they would realise the damage they are causing. Some people feed them pellets and this is a better option however fish need to be left to their own devices. They’ll be there in greater species as long as we leave them alone.


Your bass, bluegill and other game fish nibble on nature's all-natural bounty of algae, weeds, insects, leeches and worms. However, they also need supplemental nourishment, particularly if you're growing them for sport. What to Feed Keeping you pond stocked with a good ratio of prey to predator fish and even adding minnows from time to time will keep a natural balance to the pond.


up, gradually start feeding again. Feeding Your Farm Pond Fish by Tyler Wright, manager, J.A.Manning State Fish Hatchery “Managing Pond Fisheries in Oklahoma” is sold at any ODWC field office or at www.wildlifedepartment.com for $3. Whether you own a pond or just like to fish in ponds, you'll want to own this booklet. This 44-page publication


Feeding cold water fish bread once in a while should not hurt them (just like feeding them slugs - it's an interesting sight to see!) but it sounds change the state of the water, so keep an eye on it! You don't want it to be too acidic or too alcaline as this can kill fish straight off.


I wouldn't feed bread to often it can bloat fish up like us. I used to feed bread crumbs, but you have to make sure the bread soaked in tank water before you feed it to the fish. Daphnia isn very good for fish as it helps the fish to digest its food. Beef heart bad for fish so I've read.


Proper feeding habits for your pond fish will lead to happier and healthier fish with good growth rates and nicer coloration. Good feeding habits will also lead to a healthier nicer looking pond, cleaner water, and a lot less maintenance for the pond keeper.


Is there anything out there safe/helpful that could be fed to Bluegill/Bass/Catfish. I'm a real novice at all this and I am just learning pond management as I go. I've been feeding some bread (white bread) to the fish. Fish food seems expensive. Maybe it's worth the extra money. I've heard pay lakes feed dog food. Any truth to that?


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Anglers are being banned from using white bread as bait because it is bad for the fish - leaving them bloated and lethargic. Instead, fishermen are urged to cast out chunks of wholemeal and ...