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Can I safely feed my dog bacon or bacon grease?-Yummy. Dear Yummy, Calling all small breeds and large breeds: NO bacon or bacon grease for you! I know how hard it is to look into the eyes of your best friend and tell him “no” but take into consideration the below information and then decide what’s best for your canine.


I give mine bacon & hamburger grease every now and then just to get rid of it. Sure won't hurt them. Grizzly Salmon Oil is good stuff, but gets expensive if you're doing multiple BIG dogs. I now just buy the human grade salmon or fish oil capsules at Walmart. We also feed canned salmon occasionally and they love it. That's a gorgeous dog Okie ...


Is Bacon Safe for Dogs to Eat? The most important thing about pet care is having knowledge about what you can and can't feed your dog. So if you are planning to feed bacon to your dog, stop right there and take a moment to read this article to decide if dogs should eat bacon? ... Feeding them bacon grease is worse than feeding them bacon. Bacon ...


Best Answer: I used to,but I rarely eat bacon anymore.A tablespoon ( teaspoon for a small dog) of it on your dog's food is great for it's coat and makes the food taste better,too. My uncle once had a dog with horrible skin problems and nothing helped,so they took the dog to Penn State University and were told to give the dog bacon grease and peanut oil on it's food, and it's skin c...


The ASPCA warns pet owners against feeding dogs bacon grease for these reasons. Because bacon is one of the fattiest meats out there, it's best to give it to your dog only occasionally. Eggs, meanwhile, are more balanced in protein and fat than bacon, unless you fry your eggs in lots of fat, which will stick to the egg and absorb into the white.


No, dogs can’t eat bacon grease. If your dog eat a little bacon grease from the floor then it’s okay. Else don’t feed your dog with the bacon grease. Bacon grease is rich in fiber and is too salty. Avoid giving bacon grease to your dog as it may cause pancreatitis in dogs. So, it’s better to avoid giving bacon grease to your dog.


Can Dogs eat bacon – Grease? The answer is still no I am afraid. Some Owners like the idea of pouring a little bacon grease over their dog’s ordinary food to give it a tasty kick. If you do this you are spoiling your dog to the detriment of their health. Bacon grease is really high in saturated fats and is too calorie dense for your dog to eat.


Is it bad to feed your dogs grease from the hamburger meat or bacon?.I mix their dry dog and a little water with the left over hamburger or bacon grease. They seem to enjoy it better then just plain d


It can clog your dog’s arteries which makes it a bad choice of dog food. It is important to avoid feeding your dog with bacon grease as it can lead to gastrointestinal problems such as explosive diarrhea. The fact that worms and bacteria may be present in pork rules out bacon as a special treat for your dog.


But like fat trimmings, bacon grease can lead to Pancreatitis and isn’t the least bit healthy for your pooch. There’s also a great deal of salt content in bacon and bacon grease, which should make up your mind about whether to include this in your dog’s diet. 4. Hot dogs – A lot of pet owners like to nuke a hot dog and give it to their ...