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What to feed your leopard gecko? Leopard geckos like to eat all sorts of insects. The most common insects used to feed leopard geckos are crickets, mealworms, roaches, and waxworms. Make sure the size of the food isn’t too big for your leopard gecko. Measure the distance between your leopard gecko’s eyes.


However, leopard geckos have different feeding guides from conventional pets, and it may not be clear to new leopard gecko owners. Leopard geckos are strictly insectivorous animals. You need to feed adult leopard geckos every other day while you feed juvenile and baby geckos every day.


The best way to feed your Leopard Gecko mealworms is to place them in a shallow bowl. Make sure there are always fresh worms in the bowl and your Leopard Gecko will eat them out of the bowl whenever it is hungry. You can put calcium powder in the bowl with the mealworms, your gecko will eat the calcium when it eats the worms.


Feed as many mealworms as your gecko will eat in 5-10 minutes. In my experience, hatchling geckos usually eat around 8-12 appropriately sized worms per sitting and I usually feed once a day. Juvenile leos will eat around 12-16 mealworms fed once a day or every other day and adults will eat around 20-30 mealies every three days.


You can feed your leopard gecko a variety of insects. The staple insects you should focus on are crickets and mealworms. You can include other insects such as butterworms, superworms and waxworms. These worms are higher in fat and should rather be kept as a treat on occasion. You can also include other insects such as cockroaches into their diets.


Breeders have also found that feeding a pinky mouse to gravid females helps them immensely. Older leopard geckos are known to occasionally eat new born mice in the wild (Khan). Feed pinky mice that are smaller than the distance between the gecko's eyes. Do not feed pinky mice more than once a month. Anorexia:


For each Leopard Gecko in the enclosure place 3-4 small mealworms that have been dusted with a multivitamin, also feed 3-4 calcium dusted crickets per Leopard Gecko in the enclosure. For large juvenile and sub-adult Leopard Geckos, the feeding procedure is the same as for the babies except larger food is needed.


The leopard gecko will eat anything that is small enough for them to consume. They can feed on a variety of insects, including crickets, beetles, flies, scorpions, and several species of spider. In rare occasions, they will also eat infant rodents, small lizards, and snakes. They most commonly feed on live crickets, roaches, and mealworms ...


Feeding: Our Leopard geckos feed on mealworms daily and crickets weekly. We also make sure to sprinkle vitamin powder mix on both. We also make sure to sprinkle vitamin powder mix on both. We also encourage supplementing your Leopard gecko's diet with other insects as needed such as superworms, hornworms, Dubia roaches, CalciWorms (add calcium ...


So how often should you feed your leopard gecko? Ultimately you should be feeding your leopard gecko 3 to 4 times a week. A good indication of the amount of food to feed your leopard gecko depends on the size, this is the best way to gauge it. A good way to do this is to work out the size of your leopard gecko.