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FedEx Ground cares for its employees and contractors and the communities in ... Discounts: FedEx employee shipping discount, certain discounts at FedEx Office, and ... Please note that information on this website is a summary of our benefits.

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What Employee Discount benefit do FedEx Ground employees get? FedEx ... Cover Image for FedEx Ground ... The discount website is very easy to navigate.

What Employee Discount benefit do FedEx Freight employees get? FedEx Freight ... Discounts at every FedEx branch (Freight, Office, Ground, etc) for everything.

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Jun 7, 2013 ... So I start at Express soon and was just curious as to what perks you guys and gals ... As a fedex standby you are the last on the totem pole. .... You can usually find better deals online for most things like Hotels, Rental ... As a Ground driver, I had unlimited access to bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts.

Just curious, how many of you use your FedEx Employee Shipping ... For Ground the discount is much less, 75% off applies to Express.

Oct 31, 2016 ... Yes 75% off + airline discounts on pax airlines. Answered May ... The discount is 50% ... No benefits for ground employees. you're a 3rd party.