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A Federal Tax Identification Number, also known as an Employer Identification Number, is a number assigned to a business as a form of identification, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Individuals typically use their Social Security numbers as a tax identifier, while businesses need the sepa


An individual can search for an employer identification number, or EIN, on the investor pages from the websites of most publicly traded companies, the Houston Chronicle advises. The Securities and Exchange Commission also has an online data base for public companies to file their annual financial st


A tax identification number is a unique identification number used for reporting income and paying taxes. The Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration issue tax identification numbers.


To look up a tax identification number, search for the company name on the EDGAR system or the Melissa Data database. Ask the business if possible.


The best way to find a federal tax identification number for a business is to contact either the company itself or the Internal Revenue Service, according to The Law Dictionary. This number is also known as the Employer Identification Number and is used primarily for tax administration.


An individual taxpayer identification number is not required for a nonresident alien to work in the United States. The sole intended purpose of the individual taxpayer identification number is for a nonresident alien who does not qualify for a Social Security number to file a federal tax return.


Look up a phone number online by using a free online phone directory website such as WhitePages.com or AnyWho.com. Enter the name and location related to the number being searched, and click the magnifying glass icon or the Find button.


Tax identification numbers, or TINs, are available through the public records of corporate fillings for publicly held corporations. The TINs of privately held companies are not available to the public, says the Houston Chronicle.


A cell phone lookup is a service that allows users to find out who owns a particular cell phone based on the phone's number. There are several online directories that offer reverse lookup on cell numbers, as well as other methods of finding a particular cell's owner.


Employer Identification Numbers, also known as Federal Tax Identification Numbers, are assigned by the Internal Revenue Service. An EIN is a nine-digit number used to identify tax accounts of employers and specific other entities that have no employees, according to the IRS.