The average size of a prison cell for one inmate is 6 x 9 x 12 feet. Generally, that space includes a bed, a sink and a toilet. In the USA, approximately 80,000 prisoners are held in cells of that size by themselves; a s... More »

Federal prisons most often house people who have been convicted of federal crimes, including those committed against a federal institution; people who have been convicted of interstate crimes can also be placed in a fede... More »

It is possible to contact federal prison inmates by calling them, writing to them or sending them an email. All of these communications pass through the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which means they are sometimes subject t... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The average size of a prison cell will vary; however, a typical solitary cell dimensions are approximately 6 feet by 8 feet in size. Double occupancy cells are typically larger in size. More »

U.S. criminal courts will generally only send individuals to prison (as opposed to juvenile detention) if the individual is convicted of a crime committed after they have turned 18. On very rare occasions a minor will be... More »

To become a pen pal to a prisoner, use the tools and information provided on prison pen pal websites such as Jail Resource and Prison Inmates Online. You can also find information, resources and tools to become a prison ... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

As of 2015, a life sentence in Texas means that a person is ordered to serve 40 years in prison before he becomes eligible for parole. Prior to the introduction of the 40-year rule, inmates convicted of capital crimes we... More »