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As of 2015, it is relatively easy to look up a Federal Identification Number by using the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system, or EDGAR. The Securities and Exchange Commission maintains EDGAR.


Federal tax identification numbers, also called employer identification numbers, are issued by the Internal Revenue Service to identify business entities. EINs are required for filing all tax documents, including annual returns, notices and withholding certificates. Certain estates and trusts are al


Whether or not a small business needs a federal tax ID number depends on the specifics of the business. If a business has employees, or if it operates as a partnership or corporation, then a federal tax ID number is required.


A federal tax ID number, or an employer identification number, is a number used to identify business entities, the IRS says. This number is needed when businesses file withholding certificates, tax returns and documentation. Some trusts and estates need an EIN as well.


Use the IRS EIN Assistant to apply for a Federal Tax ID number, and receive it instantly. If you already have an ID number and are requesting another, you must apply by phone, fax or mail.


For most individuals, their federal tax identification number is a Social Security number. If lost or forgotten, this number often can be found by inspecting tax documents or Medicaid cards. The Social Security Administration says it can issue a duplicate card if the individual provides acceptable p


There are several ways to look up a Federal Tax Identification Number or Employer's Identification Number; some of these require little to no additional information. For small business employers that have lost or misplaced their EIN, these ways include checking the electronic notice of confirmation


A federal employer ID number is issued by the Internal Revenue Service and used to identify a business entity. Any business who has employees, operates as a corporation or partnership, or withholds taxes on income or other wages of a non-resident alien needs an employer ID number, according to the I


To find your company's federal tax identification number, call the Internal Revenue Service, check the notice the IRS sent after the initial application for the number or search your banking statements, according to the Houston Chronicle. A company's business tax ID number is also available in previ


As of June 2015, those eligible for an Employer Identification Number can apply for one online, states the Internal Revenue Service; the Social Security Administration does not allow online applications for Social Security numbers. An Employer Identification Number is a federal ID for businesses whi