In an industry characterized by monopolistic competition, firms are free to enter the market because there are no barriers to entry, according to Economics Online. Firms are also free to exit the market. More » Business & Finance Industries

Monopolies have a negative effect on the entire economy by making it harder for consumers to purchase goods, a trend that leads to lower production in the system. High prices do not affect only the consumer, they end up ... More »

Some examples of monopolistic competition include restaurant chains and cereal brands. In monopolistic competition, many producers sell differentiated products that are not exactly alike. More »

Perfect competition is characterized by factors like multiple sellers (or competitors), identical products on the market, sellers accepting rather than influencing market prices and free entry and exit into the given ind... More »

The manufacturing industry is vital to the economy of Missouri, which is home to more than 7,000 manufacturing firms. The food industry sector ranks as the top employer, followed by advanced manufacturing sectors. Other ... More »

Drivers of the globalization of firms include government, competition, cost globalization and market drivers. Globalization has also been driven by technology, including use of the Internet, mobile phones and satellite-t... More »

Dr. Reed Fisher of Johnson State College lists the key characteristics of monopolistic competition as the number of firms in the market, the ease of access to the market and product differentiation. In monopolistic compe... More »