There are various main features of mosques throughout the world: the sahn (courtyard), the mihrab (niche), the minaret (tower) and the qubba (dome). A mosque is a Muslim gathering place for prayer, where all men are requ... More »

Although most mosques feature domes, the dome is purely a decorative and traditional architectural structure with no symbolic or other spiritual meaning, according to Other mosque parts, such as the minaret, h... More »

A mosque is foremost a place of worship for Muslims, followers of the Islam religion. A mosque serves many of the same functions as a church does for Christians around the world. More »

Find the closest mosque to you by using Google Maps to search for nearby mosques. Enter your current address into the Google Maps search bar, and execute the search. Choose the search nearby option, and then enter "mosqu... More »

The world's largest mosque is either the Masjid al-Haram, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, or the Imam Reza Shrine, which stands in Mashhad, Iran. The al-Haram mosque is by far the largest mosque in the world by its total... More »

Mosques are typically used as places of prayer and worship, particularly for the five times of prayer each day required in Islam. Mosques may also provide services such as counseling, marriages, funerals, education and c... More »

Islamic places of worship are called mosques. A mosque is not only a place of worship but a center for the Muslim community. It is also a key place for intellectual and social activities. More »