A news feature is a type of feature story written in the style of a news article. It tackles a topic with painstaking detail and requires facts and research to back the story. More »

New knitting machines offer features such as multiple needle sizes, yarn winders, lint removal and error detection. Punchcard and electronic pattern readers are also available to instruct the machine to switch needles ac... More »

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Some features that will be on the phones coming to Sprint in 2015 and beyond are a 13MP Camera, Laser Auto Focus, Gesture View, 3,000mAH battery with fast charge and Optical Image Stabilization. These features can be fou... More »

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Describing a person in a news article should be managed carefully to avoid using outdated or offensive words while remaining precise and accurate. These descriptions should be used to further the purpose of the journalis... More »

According to ABC News, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was the biggest news story of the year, with the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 17 also making major headlines. The Winter Olympics and the World Cup were also ... More »

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A news story is a factual, prose story for print or broadcast media about a person, place or event answering these five questions: who, what, when, where, why and how. A news story is written in the inverted-pyramid styl... More »

In journalism, a novelty lede is any opening section for a news article that avoids the typical summary format of lede writing and attempts to grab the reader's attention through some other means. There are numerous exam... More »