A favorable variance is a state in which the revenue of something goes beyond its budget. When a variance is unfavorable, the revenue made is less than the budget. More »

According to Accounting for Management, changes in the price of raw materials, variations in expenses such as duties and cost of shipping, inefficient or unreliable supplies and flawed standard setting processes all cont... More »

Make a budget analysis by calculating variances, determining if the variances are favorable or unfavorable and then analyzing the variances. These steps help organizations better understand their financial positions. More »

Managerial accountants use variance analysis to explain deviations from budgeted performance, explains Accounting-Simplified.com. Budget variances can have several possible root causes. Variance analysis isolates the act... More »

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Preparing a profit and loss statement for a business entails calculating the net profit by knowing information, such as revenue, net sales, cost of goods, gross margin and operating expense for a certain period of time, ... More »

Revenue allocation is the distribution or division of total income, or revenue, in a business, corporate or government structure. It involves a complex process that entails how and where to allocate revenues in order to ... More »

According to About.com, sales can account for a part or the whole of a company's revenue. Revenue is the amount of money that a company earns from its primary activities. If a company's primary activity is sales, such as... More »